Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fun with Food!!!!

Welcome to the Simple,healthy and delicious food blog!!

All of us belong to various cultural and ethnic backgrounds but there are many things that connect us as humans and make us social and one of them is a simple yet important word FOOD. Being from a culturally diverse country myself, apart from the traditions and customs the thing that interest me the most was regional cooking. But now I am really happy as my penchant for food has urged me to take a plunge into experimenting with international cooking. We all eat to live and it is really the best time of the day to eat a simple and healthy yet delicious meal with our family.

To make my meals more fun I try to experiment with various types of cuisines make them as simple as possible and tweak them to suit my tastes and needs. After all it is my food!! And of course something of supreme importance is healthy food, not a diet follower but simple application of nutritional science to live a healthier life!

I will be posting any new recipe that I try possibly with a picture and also post my favorite Indian recipes that I make at home. I am open to any suggestions, corrections or help if anyone needs. I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions not only on any new recipe that you try but also on ways to make this blog better.

so until next time,

Happy eating!!!!!


Manisha said...

Hey Sanjana! Congrats on your lovely new blog! Your veg chili sounds delicious and a great alternative to the one with chicken or turkey. Looking forward to more of your recipes!

Sanjana said...

Thanks Manisha...I am a regular visitor of your food blog and I love your insights!!